Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time Final
At the very first of fleeting glances, this may look like an ordinary arm. In fact, one may not even notice the arm due to the super distracting words "dunkin" and "donuts" in the background. But anyways, there's a sun on that arm. This magnificent phenomenon is caused by none other than the sun itself. Originally my plan was to cut out a stencil shaped like this or that and paste it to my arm. However, I discovered keeping paper taped to oneself is horribly irritating and tedious, so instead I used a thick layer of black acrylic paint. I painted the sun. Then I proceeded to make clever use of my pasty Caucasian hue by sitting out in the sunlight and getting a tan, except where the paint was blocking out the light. The result was a lovely temporary tattoo.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills
Well first off, I'd like to clarify that I detest painting. I don't usually voluntarily paint. Any painting at all is a step towards being better at painting, that's how little practice I get. And here I painted the sun. Also, I learned how to use something as everyday as the actual sun as a means of creating art.

Artists Take Risks
I took several risks when I dared attempt this project. First and foremost, I ran the horrible risk of getting skin cancer. Because that's what happens to people whenever they go out in the sun. I hiss in the sun's general direction. Also, there was absolutely no guarantee that this would even work. That's why I picked a simple design. I mean, look at how blurry the borders are anyways.

Artists Reflect
Not only did I thoroughly consider above risks during my intense reflection and introspection. I also had to plan ahead. We were going through something of a cloudy era at the time, so I had to be prepared for when the shy ol' sun finally showed its stupid face.

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