Friday, January 10, 2014

adding rain to an image tutorial
Create a reflected scribble picture
Create a new photoshop document with a picture of an animal, person, or whatever. Duplicate The layer so you have two identical picture of your subject. Select the top layer and click the create layer mask icon (grey with a white circle in the middle) on the bottom of the layers panel.

Hide the second layer by clicking the eye icon next to it. Make sure you keep the top layer selected. Use the paintbrush with black ink and a white background color. Scribble all over the picture until it disappears.

Unhide the second layer, and change it to 50% opacity. It will be used as a guide while you continue to work on the first layer. Make sure the mask on the top layer is selected. Switch you colors so that white is on top and black is on the bottom. Using the paintbrush (probably with a smaller radius), draw over the image again to create scribbles.

When you've finished scribbling over the top layer, do the same to the second layer. Change it back to 100% opacity, create the mask, hide it with black ink, show the scribbles with white ink. When you're done, you should have two layers of scribbles.

Select one layer and click the fx icon at the bottom of the layers panel, and click "drop shadow." Adjust as needed, and do the same to the other layer.

Click Alt + Ctrl + C on your keyboard to change the canvas size. Make it double the height. For example, the image I used was 554 pixel tall, so I changed to 1108 pixels.

Zoom out as needed. Right click on a layer in the layers panel and click "merge visible." move the subject to the upper half of the canvas.

With the subject still selected, hit Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy the image to your clipboard, and Ctrl + V to paste it on a new layer. Then hit Ctrl + T, right click on the selection, and click "flip vertical."

Click the arrow above the layers panel next the word "normal." on the drop down menu, select "multiply." Move the upside down image so it is directly beneath the original image.

Make sure the upside down layer is selected. Select the gradient tool. If you don't see a gradient tool, click and hold over the paint bucket, then select the gradient tool as it appears. Make sure you have white ink selected. In the long rectangular drop down menu in the top left corner of your screen, select the white to transparent (checkered pattern) gradient. click and drag from the bottom of the image all the way to the top to create the reflection.