Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Appropriation Final
Jack and the Bean Stalkers

I took the cute and civil little children's tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" and instead portrayed the title as meaning a wee boy being stalked by shady bean characters. I think my favorite part is the bricks. Because they are so done. I will never draw a brick ever again. Bad bad bricks. Beans. Boy. The letter B.

Artists create original art
When it comes to something like this, originality can only go so far. I took somebody's idea and modified it. That said, I think it's pretty original. I enjoy taking things out of context, in such a manner as this. I've never heard anybody else suggest such an interpretation of the title of a book.

Artists develop art making skills
Those bricks. Those are some pretty sweet bricks, I must say. I'd never created such a multitude of bricks in my life. They may look completely monochromatic, but I did in fact use not one, but two different colored pencils to draw those bad boys. I learned how to blend the two colors together in various ways to produce the semi-realistic effect of the street lamp shining on the building.

Artists communicate through their work
This piece reflects my personality a little bit. I enjoy taking ordinary situations and adding various impossibilities in my mind, and taking things out of context a bit, and perhaps adding a dark edge. And it never has to make sense.

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